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Player Has Follower nor is he controlled by it at all) which allowed you to aquire a second follower if you already had another follower with you and Dogmeat (Altered Script: Dogmeat SCRIPT)old Dogmeat (Altered Message: Follower Message Dead Dogmeat).glove normal map (Altered Mesh: Wasteland Clothing02\glovemr.nif, Wasteland Clothing02\gloveml.nif). Script: UF3PNo Pickpocket).identical (Altered Armor: Armor Power Helmet)when you took it out the luck bonus would be removed, also the luck bonus wouldn't be removed if the Lucky 8 Ball was removed from you via Remove All Items) (Altered Script: MS01Lucky8Ball Script, Altered Spell: MS01Lucky8Ball Ability, New Base Effect: UF3PLucky Eight Ball Magic Effect, New Script: UF3PLucky Eight Ball Magic Effect Script)gaining the password to to unlock the terminal (Altered Cell: Megaton The Brass Lantern). Nuka Cola Bottle)icon as it was using the "junk" icon instead of the "scotch" icon (Altered Misc Item: Whiskey Bottle02). Dead Mirelurk02, Dead Mirelurk01, LDDead Molerat, DEADCr Yao Guai, Dead Eyebot Enclave, Dead Protectron, FFRaider Camp17Super Mutant Dead).(Altered Mesh: fxmistlow01long.nif, ltrayglowgreenbrt01.nif,ltrayglowgreengrdflat.nif, ltrayglowgreengrdflatbrt01.nif)day changed in the sleep\wait screen (day would change at say 7am after playing for 20 hours) (New Quest: UF3PGame Days Passed Fix, New Script: UF3PGame Days Passed Fix Script)it (Altered Cell: Wasteland"Well now, looks like..." 1D2D0).(Altered Script: Evergreen Mills Electrical Switch01SCRIPT). Mirelurk Egg Clutch Cont Empty03a).sentrybotgatlingcannon_army.nif, sentrybotlasergatling.nif, sentrybotlasergatling_army.nif).offrublpilea01.nif, offrublpilea02.nif, offrublpilea03.nif, offrublpilea04.nif, offrublpilea05.nif).Eat'o'tronic 3000 happened to reset (closed) somehow you can open it again (Altered Script: Automat Script01).floating first aid kit, 2 floating tin cans (Altered Cell: DCworld17Wilderness -17,13).That's heavy Raider country, so things could get interesting.- Super Mutant activity in D. - (Faction Reaction Error) Faction ' MS13Freed Slave Faction' (06068A9C) is a Friend or Ally of Faction ' Paradise Falls Slave Faction' (000389DE), but Faction ' Paradise Falls Slave Faction' (000389DE) is not a Friend or Ally of Faction ' MS13Freed Slave Faction' (06068A9C).- (Faction Reaction Error) Faction ' DLC01Radio Tower Raider Faction' (020054FC) is a Friend or Ally of Faction ' DLC01Wernher Faction' (020054FB), but Faction ' DLC01Wernher Faction' (020054FB) is not a Friend or Ally of Faction ' DLC01Radio Tower Raider Faction' (020054FC).Sound: DLC05Gener_DLC05Samurai Hol_0000A880_1.ogg, DLC05Gener_DLC05Samurai Hol_0000A880_1.lip, DLC05Gener_DLC05Samurai Hol_0000A880_5.ogg, DLC05Gener_DLC05Samurai Hol_0000A880_5.lip). K now.prevented it from ever being heard (Altered Dialogue: Meg Gob Greeting1"How many of those things are in here?have the Pip-Boy glove disabled (Altered Mesh: \Armor\Enclave Officer\glovel.nif, \Armor\Enclave Officer\gloveml.nif).targets with the BB Gun." yet you could shoot 1 target 3 times, fixed only 1 target having a quest marker on it (other 2 didn't have the condition setup correctly) also the quest marker on the target will now vanish once you shoot it (Altered Script: CG02Target SCRIPT, Altered Quest: CG02).condition was set to "Get Is ID" instead of "Get Day Of Week" (Altered Terminal: Irving Cheng Terminal, MS12Tenpenny Irving Cheng Terminal)."Fallout - Menu Voices.bsa", you'll now be able to listen to alot more dialogue in the G. " 18637).(Altered Ingestible: Junk Food).instead of the dirty\old texture (Altered Armor: KIDOutfit Prewar Child Old).objective and the terminal wasn't being displayed as an objective even though it was setup to (don't think terminals can be marked as objectives?

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Head Old Female: Corrected issue where entire head would bloat in Squint Left or Squint Right.) (Altered Mesh: Head Child.nif, Head Child Female.nif, Head Female.nif, Head Human.nif, Head Old.nif, Head Old Female.nif, Altered EGM & TRI: headchild.egm, Head Child.tri, Head Child Female.egm, Head Child Female.tri, Head Female.egm, Head Female.tri, Head Human.egm, Head Human.tri, Head Old.egm, Head Old.tri, Head Old Female.egm, Head Old Female.tri).Fallout 4 Tools Current build 0003: fallout4_tools_0003.7z Utilities to help with Fallout 4 modding.