Speed dating lesson plan

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Performance Review - Interactive Practice Quitting or Leaving Work1.

Quitting or Leaving Work - Interactive Practice Airport1.

Broken Heart - Talking to Person with Broken Heart14.

Feelings and Emotions Review - Interactive Practice26. Talk English Milestone Review - Interactive Practice Family - Children - Friends1.

The first step in preparing to use the Crosscutting Concepts (CCCs) is to become familiar with what they are and how they are defined.

This activity is a basic introduction to the names of the seven CCCs and an opportunity to start learning what they mean and how content might be sorted among them.

Talking to Boss - Interactive Practice Talking to Subordinates1.

Talking to Direct - Interactive Practice Business Trips1.

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Office and Cubicle - Interactive Practice Review Process1.

Guys - Girls - and Sports Review - Interactive Practice Feelings and Emotions1.

Stress - Interactive Practice Feelings and Emotions II1.

Intro and General Things Review - Interactive Practice College Related Topics1.

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Roommate - Interactive Practice College Related Topics II1.

This lesson not only has students learning about the role of vitamins and minerals in our body, but has them moving around, sharing the information in a conversational manner, with a technique referred to as “speed dating”.