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There are ample surface deposits and a few areas of light staining are present on the exterior. See Klein and Cevallos "Ecuador - The Secret Art of Pre Columbian Ecuador" for additional scholarly information on ancient Tumaco - La Tolita art and culture. The face shows pierced eyes and nose and perked ears. Similar tools have also been found at ancient sites on the Island of La Plata off the coast of Ecuador. Some wear and a couple of tiny chips missing, but it is completely intact and original. The face shows bared teeth and protruding tongue with the eyes and nose enhanced with black bitumen paint. The burnished surface shows ample mineral deposits along with minor surface pitting and light paint wear as is common. A suspension loop at the back makes it wearable as a pendant. In excellent condition with no breaks, cracks or repairs. Ample mineral and earthen deposits are present overall. The upper part of the spout has been restored, otherwise it is intact and original. All carved from hard-stone of various types and colors. Several show moderate to heavy edge chipping and losses. Each has light to moderate deposits consistent with age. All are in very good condition; intact with some minor surface wear and light deposits. It is substantial in size and displays dramatically. The vessel is rounded in form and has two large, realistically sculpted, saurian-type creatures decorating either side of the top opening. 00 — Mexico 450 AD - 750 AD A rare and exceptional Maya plate from Chipas, Mexico. Typical of the type, all have bulbous bodies, low footed bases and sculpted relief faces. He is seen here flanked by two prone figures representing his descendants; known as the "children of Naymlap". The rounded olla has a flared spout and a head emerging from the side that appears to be a stingray or possibly a stylized human face. Well made and thin walled examples of buff (unpainted) terracotta "bisque ware" pottery, typical of that region. All have minor restoration, mostly rim chips and small cracks restored, but are generally intact and original. Each is on a custom metal tripod stand and display beautifully as a group. His clothing is decorated with incised designs and raised concentric circles. 0 — El Salvador 900 AD - 1200 AD Two Post Classic Lenca vessels from El Salvador. A flared pedestal base carved with open-work designs supports the upper bowl. Heavily weathered surface overall with moderate deposits and only traces of painted decoration visible. The figure is beautifully sculpted and has an expressive face; smiling widely with exposed teeth and almond shaped eyes. Both with similar designs of curved linear incising embedded with white stucco. Each assembled from 5-6 original pieces with breaks restored and small losses replaced. See Labbe's "Guardians of the Life Stream" for additional information on Cocle pottery. The vessel sits on a wide footed base and has a rounded body with stepped ridges, tall flared spout and a wide strap handle on the back. 8" across x 3" tall - 0 Bowl #3 (Bottom), Small bowl that sits on a footed pedestal base and with gently flared sides. Most interestingly it has (rarely seen) ancient restoration where by the cracked bowl was drilled and tied to extend its usefulness in ancient times. Several restored breaks, but the ancient drills holes remain along with the associating crack. For additional info on this motif see "A Sourcebook of Nazca Ceramic Iconography" by Donald Proulx, Page 190 - 191 Approx. 5 — Peru 1150 AD - 1400 AD Chimu blackware vessel in the form of a lobster. 5 — West Mexico 200 BC - 300 AD Small Nayarit hollow-bodied figure from Western Mexico. The figure is adorned with arm bands, head wrap, ear spools and nose ornament. This type, sometimes referred to as "chocolate pots," have tall tripod support legs. A minor repair to the rim of the spout, otherwise intact. A remarkable example and rarely seen, especially in this condition. All are well made, thin walled examples of "bisque ware" pottery, typical of that region. Approx 9" tall x 9" long — Peru 1100 AD - 1450 AD A fine collection of Chancay textiles and weaving tools. 8" x 10") woven textile panel with an interlocking bird motif and fringe along the bottom.… continue reading »

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