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10-Dec-2017 06:37

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Do you think there are specific gender roles here or — Definitely! We have a lot of groups that are fighting about it now: "We shouldn't make the genders have their roles — everyone should get to do everything." "Small boys shouldn't just be given cars to play with — they should also be given dolls and Barbies." The other day, a big ice-cream factory in Iceland put ice cream on the market — a blue ice cream that was called the boy ice cream and a pink ice cream that was called the girl ice cream — and they had to take it off the market because everything went ballistic. Nor are they in general much for telling us we're beautiful. They're all about being manly and they think that showing emotions or a soft side would be a sign of weakness. But it wasn't very exciting, probably because we just don't know how to do it. Which is why I think many Icelandic girls fall for guys from other countries, because of things like opening doors and stuff that Icelandic guys don't do. I don't want to say "well," but we're not used to being pampered and swept off our feet.It’s also the dating site with the most singles online in the whole of Scandinavia.While we welcome everyone at Firstdate our members are usually from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland making us one of the largest dating site in Scandinavia. Firstdate offers online dating with a variety of features to make single life fun and exciting, and to make it easier to find a date. And you can find out all about this person in a day, because you just have to ask the people who know him and you find out his dating history. People often don't get the chance to know each other — they've already made up their mind, because they already know everything about each other. I do have a few — a few, that sounded bad — I have some funny stories, I'd say.

Well, I do know one boy and girl who have been together for a year and just found out that they had the same great-grandmother, but… M: I think most people meet when they go out to party. I haven't found anyone else like them in the world. And then it continued on to Facebook — it's very much based there now, I think — where we started chatting and then he became my boyfriend. And here, it's very common for people to meet and have kids and marry very young.NEXT: “Foreigners were coming to Iceland because they were hearing Icelandic girls were so easy to get with.” Are you from Reykjavik? I lived there from ages five to fifteen, and have lived here for four years. I think people start earlier in Iceland and I'm not sure why.As a member, you can send flirty Lovemails, list singles, and create singles events.

Or why not use our “Hot or Not” feature to browse through our available singles and click on the ones you think are hot?

But guys don't even do that, unless they're weird.

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