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24-May-2018 21:14

While harried from trying to find a way to reach Damien, Elizabeth receives an angry call from Sally, informing her that the video of her and Damien having sex was sent to the entire graduate board.Sally does not believe Elizabeth when the latter insists she was hacked, and informs her that her grant is suspended until further notice.Though Elizabeth implores the police to investigate, they tell her that there is nothing that they can do.Meanwhile, Jenni is lured to Elizabeth's house by the hacker, who pretends to be Elizabeth and abducts her when she arrives.The attacker leaves and gets into a car and follows Elizabeth back to her home, where she is packing in preparation to keep her sister company.She receives a chat request from Max, which shows the lead detective entering Max's house, only to be murdered.When she enlists Max to hack the account to see where it originated, he finds that it has been routed through countless proxies, and is untraceable.

She spends the next few months continuously chatting with strangers, much to the chagrin of her boyfriend, Damien, and friends Jenni and Max.The stranger attempts to chat with Elizabeth again the next day while she is in a coffee shop, but logs off quickly when another customer approaches the webcam.That night, Damien surprises Elizabeth by showing up to her home in the middle of the night, and Elizabeth's hacked webcam records the couple having sex before the hacker sends the video to Elizabeth's graduate board.Though Elizabeth later stumbles upon a disturbingly realistic depiction of a death during a game of Russian roulette that turns out to be faked, and her friends (including Max, who is a computer scientist) insist that it is a hoax, she remains unconvinced and is determined to solve the murder.

However, both the police and other users of The Den turn out to be unhelpful.

Though most of her chats are quickly ended due to sexual content or scams, she accumulates plenty of data and is optimistic about the outcome of the project.

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