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24-Nov-2017 08:22

I like that it gives me a way to see more of someone’s real life and day, beyond blog posts.

Here are the things I’ve learned so far: overall thoughts on social media.

I’m not suffering under any delusions that all the fancy filters make me a good photographer (because they don’t), but I love that they can make everyday shots feel a little special.

For me, this all-image-all-the-time platform is a natural extension of blogging without losing the unique vision of the person behind it.

If you want someone to “friend” you but don’t take the time to explain who you are or why they should friend you back, don’t be surprised if that request isn’t granted. I’ve been pretty vocal about my issues with Pinterest.

The “rejection” isn’t always about you; it’s often about that person just wanting a space to be themselves without needing to maintain the boundaries expected by a work situation. But after years of being a stick in the mud about it, I decided it was better to engage on terms I felt comfortable with than to ignore it all together.

This column is all about discussing ideas and understanding different people’s perspectives, so I’d love to hear from all of you.

Navigating social media was just another chance to form bonds with people by being respectful, helpful, engaging and authentic. I know, this post is a bit outside all the Valentine themes we’ve been focusing on, but I’ve been working on this doozy of a post for weeks now, and I couldn’t wait to share it.I want to start by saying that this topic is the one that scared me the most.But then I sat down and thought about the core issue here — how to talk to people in different social settings — and it hit me.

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This is no different than talking to people in different real-life situations.

, Victoria of sfgirlbybay, Greg from Apartment Therapy, Lucy from The Design Files, Emily Henderson, Julie of Remodelista, Tina from Swiss Miss and Erin of Design for Mankind.

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